Field visit of the ROMACTED representatives

On 20th June the representative of the European Commission, advisor-coordinator of Roma policy Marta Garcia Fidalgo, Kristina Vujic from DG NEAR, and the representatives of the Council of Europe Marcos Andrade-ROMACTED Program Manager and, Marina Vasic-Project Officer of the ROMACTED program, had a field visit at the “Mladost” kindergarten in Tetovo, which has been reconstructed and renovated with the support of the project “Increasing the access and participation of Roma children to quality early childhood development and primary education” implemented jointly between Roma Resource Centar – Skopje and RDDA SONCE and financially supported by DG Near and Roma Education Fund. The institutional and community structures of ROMACTED program in the Municipality of Tetovo was also actively involved as a synergy of this initiative.
Topic of discussion was the number of children engaged in this kindergarten, the most common difficulties with which the director of this institution faces every now and then, the organization of classes, the importance given to the chance of having mix classrooms in order to enhance the inclusion of the Roma children and etc.
The other part of the field visit included a discussion with the Community Action Group and highlighting the most urgent problems of the community and what needs to be done for them to be resolved in a shorter period of time. The problems were presented by the CAG and the systematic solutions were discussed.
The final part of the visit included a meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo, Mrs. Teuta Arifi, to whom the representatives of the ROMACTED program presented the problems discussed earlier with CAG and asked for solutions to be provided. Mrs. Arifi also had the opportunity to explain to the representatives the progress that has been made until know with collaboration of the ROMACTED team and the Municipality and, the plans for further implementation of the aims of the ROMACTED program.