Mobileteam for social inclusion of vulnerablegroup in Tetovo

The overall objective of the project is vulnerable groups from different ethnic backgrounds(with focus on returnees) in Tetovo are better aware of and make use of their opportunities, rights and obligations within the social and health care system.
Project activities: – Continuation of the work of the local mobile team of different professionals that will map the vulnerable groups of different ethnic backgrounds in the Municipality of Tetovo, identify urgent cases, devise an advisory and support plan for these casesand offer the adequate services to the identified individuals and families. – Conducting workshops for the members of the mobile team andthe direct beneficiaries. – Conducting trainings for soft skills for unemployed members of the vulnerable groups with a focus on returnees. – Providing professional mentoring and internship opportunities for unemployed members of the vulnerable groups with a focus on returnees as well as facilitating the access to the Active Labour Market Measures (ALMM) or other employment opportunities. – Vocational training for tailors – Educational mediators for children (with a focus on returnees) in primary education which don’t attend school regularly.