SONCE was formed in 1996 as an informal group for self-help of the Roma community in Tetovo. The group worked by collecting charitable donations from the Roma families, which were later used for emergency needs of the Roma community. After its registration, SONCE acted through humanitarian activities and projects which met the existential, humanitarian and social needs of the Roma people and all the other vulnerable groups and individuals in the society. SONCE had operated in this manner up until 1999. In 1999, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia brought a decision for all the enterprises and an association of citizens to re-register, thus, SONCE was re-registered on 21 April 1999 under Decision REG-ZGF. No. 121/99 reached by the Primary Court in Tetovo.

Roma Democratic Development Association „SONCE“ ANNUAL REPORT 2016.
1. SONCE-Annual-Report-2016

Roma Democratic Development Association „SONCE“  FINANCIAL REPORT 2015.
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