About us.

SONCE is an established organization on international and national level, which actively contributes to civic integration and equal practice of Roma democratic rights and opportunities. SONCE has been established in 1996 as informal group for self-help of the Roma community in Tetovo. The group functioned by collecting charity from the Roma families, which was later used in urgent necessities for the Roma community. Since its establishment until the end of 2011, Sonce has realized total 55 projects, among which many outside projects, and it also cooperated on other projects run by other organizations as a partner organization.


  • SONCE promotes and advocates for equal opportunities, rights and obligations for all citizens regardless of their ethnic, gender, religious or political orientation.
  • SONCE promotes and advocates for civil democratic society in which there is rule of law.
  • SONCE advocates that R. Macedonia becomes society with no socially excluded categories of citizens.
  • SONCE promotes accepts and applies high professional standards which exclude any type of conflicts of interest.
  • SONCE promotes open and transparent access towards the Roma community and the system’s institutions.
  • According to the last Strategy 2014- 2018 year, RDDA SONCE shall act upon the following program areas:
  • Education and Roma culture promotion and development;
  • Economic development of the Roma community;
  • Health and social inclusion of the Roma within the health care system;
  • Quality of living and infrastructure;
  • Institutional development and organizational strengthening of SONCE;
  • Empowering and participation of Roma Youth in decision making process.