SONCE is an established organization on international and national level, which actively contributes to civic integration and equal practice of Roma democratic rights and opportunities. SONCE has been established in 1996 as informal group for self-help of the Roma community in Tetovo. The group functioned by collecting charity from the Roma families, which was later used in urgent necessities for the Roma community. Since its establishment until the end of 2011, Sonce has realized total 55 projects, among which many outside projects, and it also cooperated on other projects run by other organizations as a partner organization.

Part of the previous projectswere for humanitarian assistance to refugees, socially vulnerable families, etc. Several projects were earmarked for education. Most of them included an economic component; one project was made in the field of infrastructure.  Mostly were institutional support projects, which besides coverage of the organization included the activities of administrative support, educational activities and other types of activities for the Roma community, as well as activities for organizational management and building collaboration between SONCE and other structures in the community concerned with Roma issues. Other part of the projects has been deployed for building inter-ethnic relations, of which some had economic component. Other projects were intended for participation and integration and some projects for advocacy and lobbying, promotion and practice of minority rights.

Based on its previous strategy of action, SONCE acted through three targeted areas of action will act for encouraging and promoting inter-ethnic dialogue in all spheres of society to improve inter-ethnic relations on an institutional level, critical monitoring of the work of the local self-government bodies, especially with regard to the application of the principles of equal access, equitable distribution, non-discrimination and efficiency in delivering public services.

With this program, the management and activists of SONCE decided to cover areas that are on EU level and covered by the Roma Decade 2005-2015. This document takes into consideration the guidelines set by the development document of the European Union, EU Agenda 2020.

Gender equality and ethnic relations are transversal themes and they will be included in the annual program, i.e. activities within the annual action.