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Paralegal assistance

This project includes two components: 1. Legal literacy and empowering (paralegal assistance) 2. Social accountability- monitoring in the community The aims of the project are the following: To strengthen the local community in Tetovo and Gostivar in terms of enjoying of their health and social rights, through assessment,informing and mobilization of the community (field visits); […]

Inclusion of Roma children in pre – school education

The goal of this project was to enhance and support the integration of Roma children in public kindergartens’-year departurein preparatory group. This was achieved through: Workshops with the parents of children Visits the family of children lessons with the Roma teacher on the kindergartens’ The project results were: 42 Roma children was include on the […]

Roma information centre

The goal of this project was to inform the Roma Community with the activities of Roma Decade 2005 -2015 and making link between the institution and Roma Community. This was achieved through: Preparation of documents of Roma community needed from the institution services Information of active local and government policy related for the Roma Community […]