Roma Information Centre

The goal of this project was to inform the Roma Community with the activities of Roma Decade 2005 -2015 and makinglink betweenthe institution andRoma Community. This was achieved through:

 Preparation of documents of Romacommunity needed from the institution services

 Information of active local and government policy related for the Roma Community
The project results were :

 Increasingthe number of Roma beneficiariesfrom the institutional services  More opportunities for finding jobs  Equal opportunities for participating on the institutional services

Inclusionof Roma children in pre- school education

The goal of this project was to enhance and support the integration of Roma children in public kindergartens’-year departurein preparatory group.
This was achieved through:

 Workshops with the parents of children

 Visits the familyof children  lessons with the Roma teacher on the kindergartens’
The project results were:

 42 Roma children was include on the preparatory groups in the kindergartens in Tetovo  42 Roma parents was involved on the workshops about the  Equal opportunities for participating on the institutional services


Paralegal assistance

This project includes two components: 1. Legal literacy and empowering (paralegal assistance) 2. Social accountability- monitoring in the community The aims of the project are the following:

 To strengthen the local community in Tetovo and Gostivar in terms of enjoying of their health and social rights, through assessment,informing and mobilization of the community (field visits);

 Monitoring the community and social accountability of existing policies covering the access and utilization of health rights and rights of legal, social and health system in terms of immunization of Roma children and preventionprograms;

 Providing paralegalassistance in the fieldof access to achieving social and health rights, according to the laws thatprovide the same rights The project includesseveral activities:

 Education of Sonce’s staff for the methodology of work of paralegal assistance and preparation of concrete plan for including of the methodology in the work of Sonce,conducted by ESE;

 Training for paralegals and their further work for the health care system, health insurance and protection of patients rights;  Preparation and printing of informational and educational materials for promotion the services that paralegals offer ;

 Visits of Roma families- Assessment, informing and community mobilization;  Educational workshops for the community about the health care system, health insurance and protection of patients rights ( workshops in Tetovo and Gostivar);  Formation of Leadership Councilwhich will consist by community representatives and the team of Sonce;

 Creating of questionnaires and conducting a research in the community regarding the coverage of Roma children by vaccination and preventive health services;

 Maintaining a focus groups- 6 focus groups with parents of Roma children in Tetovo and Gostivar at the age 0- 15 years on the topic vaccination and coverage of Roma children with preventivehealth care services;

 Organizing of public debates between the Roma community and the medical personnel.


Mobileteam for social inclusion of vulnerablegroup in Tetovo

The overall objective of the project is vulnerable groups from different ethnic backgrounds(with focus on returnees) in Tetovo are better aware of and make use of their opportunities, rights and obligations within the social and health care system.
Project activities: – Continuation of the work of the local mobile team of different professionals that will map the vulnerable groups of different ethnic backgrounds in the Municipality of Tetovo, identify urgent cases, devise an advisory and support plan for these casesand offer the adequate services to the identified individuals and families. – Conducting workshops for the members of the mobile team andthe direct beneficiaries. – Conducting trainings for soft skills for unemployed members of the vulnerable groups with a focus on returnees. – Providing professional mentoring and internship opportunities for unemployed members of the vulnerable groups with a focus on returnees as well as facilitating the access to the Active Labour Market Measures (ALMM) or other employment opportunities. – Vocational training for tailors – Educational mediators for children (with a focus on returnees) in primary education which don’t attend school regularly.

From action to equal rights for Roma

The main aim of the project is to encourage greater and effective participation of the Roma community in the
Republic of Macedonia in decisions affecting their lives in order to influence the policy making to contribute to the
reduction of the discrimination they face.
The activities are divided into four (4) main groups:
• Capacity building and mentoring (advocacy and advocacy training, fieldwork and mentoring, national advocacy
• Legal work (Legal Clinic, Centres for Virtual Councils and SMS Alert Services, Legal Advocacy and Support of
National Human Rights Institutions)
• Advocacy work (setting up an Anti-Discrimination Network, Network Meetings and Strategy Meetings, Online
Information and Event Launch, National Roundtable Advocacy Masses, International Co-ordination Advocacy
• Policy Creation Partnership (On-line Local Government Training, Project Grants, Semi-annual National
Partnerships for Roma Civil Society Organizations and Authorities)
The project will be implemented at the national level, influencing especially the following (6) six municipalities:
Berovo, Vinica, Debar, Kicevo, Tetovo and Stip.
Target groups
Roma community facing discrimination and their representatives, Roma mediators, Roma civil society
organizations, civil society organizations for human rights, victims of discrimination, legal community, national
human rights institutions, national and local authorities, the public.


The aims of the programme are to:
 strengthen political will and support local development through capaity-building of local authorities and
effective participation of Roma citizens in local plans and projects;
 empower the Roma citizens- on the individual level (assisting people to practice their basic rights and to
expand their capacity and skills), as well as on the community level (assisting people to get organised to voice
their interests around community problem-solving);
 improve and expand the institutions’ commitment, capacities, knowledge and skills in working for Roma
inclusion, putting into practice the concepts of good governance.
Actions of the Programme:
The specificity of the actions would be to assist the local authorities to integrate Roma specific
dimension/measures into the mainstream local policies, budgets and public service delivery on their agenda, while
enhancing the participation of the Roma citizens in the design, implementation and monitoring of those policies
and projects. As a result of the implementation of the programme, it is expected that the participating municipalities
remain with consolidated features to continue serving the needs of the Roma population such as sustainable local
action plans and one-stop-shops that facilitate the access of Roma to the public services

Партнерска средба помеѓу членови на акциските групи на заедницата, локалните власти, ромскиот граѓански сектор и медијатори Роми од општините Дебар, Тетово и Кичево

На ден 29 јуни 2018 година во хотел Бистра во Маврово се одржа партнерска средба помеѓу членови на акциските групи на заедницата, претставници на локалните власти, претставници на ромскиот граѓански сектор и медијатори Роми од општините Дебар, Тетово и Кичево. На средбата беше дискутирано за националните и локалните јавни политики кои ги таргетираат Ромите во општините Дебар, Тетово и Кичево, состојбите во овие општини во однос на информирање на граѓаните, консултација со граѓаните и степенот на учество на ромската заедница во процесот на донесување на одлуки, нивото на партиципацијата на акциските групи на заедницата, ромскиот граѓански сектор, медијатори Роми и целовкупната ромска заедница во процесот на донесување на одлуки, приоритетите на локалните чинители за ромската заедница и важноста од партнерството и соработка во процесот на дефинирање на проблемите и приоритетите, како предуслов за успешно планирање и спроведување.

Настанот се одржа во рамки на проектот Од акција до еднакви права на Ромите финансиран од Европската Унија кој се имплементира од АДРР СОНЦЕ во партнерство со Групата за Малцински Права- Лондон.

ROMACTED programata i kabinetot na Ministerot G-din Aksel Ahmedovski se sretnaa Gradonacalnikot na Opstina Veles G-din Ace Kocevski I prestavnicite na romskata zaednica od Veles.

Denes na zaednicka inicijativa pomegu ROMACTED programata i kabinetot na Ministerot G-din Aksel Ahmedovski se sretnaa Gradonacalnikot na Opstina Veles G-din Ace Kocevski, prestavnicite na romskata zaednica od Veles.

Celta na posetata bese da se identifikuvaat gorlivi prasanja na romskata zaednica i da se najde sinergija za infrastrukturni investicii vo romskite naselbi vo Opstina Veles.
Mestata kade sto treba da se investira od oblasta na infrastruktura bea prezentirani od strana prestavnicite na romskata zaednica vo Veles od ROMACTED programata.

Today as a result of joint iniciative by the ROMACTED National support team and the cabinet of the Minister without portfolio had a meeting between the Mayor of Municipality Mr. Ace Kocevski, Minister without portfolio Mr.Aksel Ahmedovski and the community action group of ROMACTED Municipality from Veles.

The aim of meeting was to identify the burning issues of Roma from Municipality of Veles and to find join sinergies for infrastructul investment in Roma settlements.
The areas where to have the infrastructural invesment in Roma settlements was presented by the community action group of ROMACTED in Veles.

Јавен повик за ангажирање на експерт/ка за испорака на (2) две партнерски средби

Асоцијацијата за Демократски Развој на Ромите Сонце и Меѓународната група за малцински права (MRG) во рамки на тригодишниот проект “Од акција до еднакви права за Ромите” финансиран од Европска Унија, имаат потреба од експерт/ка за испорака на (2) две партнерски средби.
Сонце и МРГ организираат партнерски средби помеѓу акциските групи на заедницата, локалните власти, ромскиот граѓански сектор и медијаторите Роми во текот на тригодишниот период на имплементација. Целта на овие средби е зајакнување на капацитети на стејкхолдерите на локално ниво, поттикнување на заедничка соработка, развивање на нови или подобрување на постоечките иницијативи за учество во креирање на политики преку размена на идеи за најдобри практики, дискутирање на можности за подобрување, вклучително и развој на поинституционализирани тела за заеднично одлучување. Партнерските средби во втората година од имплементација ќе ги опфатат следните теми: анализа на ситуацијата во локалните ромски заедници, улогата на акциските групи на заедницата, стратешки документи со кои располага општината, имплементација на локалните акциски планови и мониторинг на локалните политики, дефинирање на приоритети за решавање за 2018/2019 година.
Детални информации за потребни квалификации, работни задачи и одговорности може да најдете во приложениот повик.
Заинтересираните кандидати да ги достават своите апликации- кратка биографија, писмо на интерес и референтна листа на претходно искуство до Оливера Стојковска, проектен асистент на следната е-маил адреса:к најдоцна до 22 јуни 2018 година.