The first ROMACTED national workshop was held in between the dates 25-27 June at Hotel Scardus in Popova Sapka with the structures of the 12 Municipalities included in the ROMACTED program, the ROMACTED facilitators, the Institutional Working Group and the Community Action Group.

During one of the working days the task for the participants was identifying the priorities of the Roma community on local level and reviewing the ways how to incorporate these priorities in the annual working programs of the municipalities. The third and last day of the ROMACTED National Workshop focused on the budget and budgetary cycle at local level, entry points for incorporating Roma and gender sensitive budgeting, upon which was also touched the monitoring and evaluation process of activities that are going to be implemented in the municipalities in order to improve the quality of living conditions for the Roma community.
In addition, the participants touched upon specific good practices of mainstreaming of Roma priorities in programming and budgeting.