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Our partners


  • European Union
  • Council of Europe
  • Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection of the Republic of Austria
  • Roma Education Fund
  • SIDA/Balkan Civil Society Development Network
  • GIZ/German society for International Cooperation
  • United Nation Development Programme/UNDP MK
  • Foundation Open Society Macedonia
  • International Organisation of Migration
  • United States Agency for International Development /USAID programme
  • Open Society Foundation Budapest

Partner Organizations

  • Multikultura
  • Association for Democratic Development of Roma Nevo Dzivdipe
  • Association for perspective integration and development Roma Perspective- Prilep
  • Association KHAM- Delcevo
  • Association MIR
  • Association of Multi-ethnic Society for Human Rights- Shtip
  • Association of Roma AVENA- Kochani
  • Association of Roma Dives- Vinica
  • Association Terno Vas- Berovo
  • Center for Culture, Communication and Education of Roma Svetla Idnina- Kochani
  • Development Association of the Roma Community Sumnal
  • European Policy Institute
  • Health, Education and Research Association H.E.R.A
  • Healthy Options Project Skopje HOPS
  • Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Humanitarian and Charity Roma Association Mesechina- Debar
  • Initiative for Development and Community Inclusion IRIZ
  • Institute for Human Rights
  • Minority Rights Group International- London
  • Non- formal group Woman’s Initiative from Shuto Orizari
  • Regional Roma Educational Youth Association RRoma- Kratovo
  • Roma Association Prerodba- Kichevo
  • Roma Community Center DROM- Kumanovo
  • Roma Lawyers Association
  • Roma Resource Center
  • Romaversitas – Skopje
  • Roma Women and Youth Association Luludi
  • Roma Youth Association Bela Kula- Kichevo
  • Caritas Austria
  • Macedonian Caritas
  • Citizen Association For Help To The Homeless And Socially Endangered Families And Individuals Kindness- Skopje


  • Roma Advocacy Network
  • UNITED Against Racism
  • Federal Union of the European Nationalities (FUEN)
  • Macedonian Anti- Poverty Platform
  • Coordination Body Following the Implementation of the Roma Strategy 2014-2020

Public and state institutions

  • Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ombudsman Republic of North Macedonia
  • Commission for Protection and Prevention against Discrimination
  • Government of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • South East European University- Tetovo
  • State University of Tetovo
  • Inter- Municipal Center for Social work- Tetovo
  • Inter- Municipal Center for Social work- Gostivar
  • Employment Centers- Tetovo and Gostivar
  • Municipality of Tetovo
  • Municipality of Gostivar
  • Municipality of Debar
  • Municipality of Berovo
  • Municipality of Bitola
  • Municipality of Kichevo
  • Municipality of Kochani
  • Munipality of Prilep
  • Municipality of Shtip
  • Municipality of Vinica
  • Municipality of Delchevo
  • Municipality of Shuto Orizari
  • Municipality of Kumanovo