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From action to equal rights for Roma

From action to equal rights for Roma

The main aim of the project is to encourage greater and effective participation of the Roma community in the Republic of Macedonia in decisions affecting their lives in order to influence the policy making to contribute to the reduction of the discrimination they face.

The activities are divided into four (4) main groups:

• Capacity building and mentoring (advocacy and advocacy training, fieldwork and mentoring, national advocacy
• Legal work (Legal Clinic, Centres for Virtual Councils and SMS Alert Services, Legal Advocacy and Support of
National Human Rights Institutions)
• Advocacy work (setting up an Anti-Discrimination Network, Network Meetings and Strategy Meetings, Online
Information and Event Launch, National Roundtable Advocacy Masses, International Co-ordination Advocacy
• Policy Creation Partnership (On-line Local Government Training, Project Grants, Semi-annual National
Partnerships for Roma Civil Society Organizations and Authorities)
The project will be implemented at the national level, influencing especially the following (6) six municipalities:
Berovo, Vinica, Debar, Kicevo, Tetovo and Stip.


Target groups

Roma community facing discrimination and their representatives, Roma mediators, Roma civil society organizations, civil society organizations for human rights, victims of discrimination, legal community, national human rights institutions, national and local authorities, the public.

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