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Paralegal assistance

Paralegal assistance

This project includes two components:

1. Legal literacy and empowering (paralegal assistance)

2. Social accountability- monitoring in the community

The aims of the project are the following:

  • To strengthen the local community in Tetovo and Gostivar in terms of enjoying of their health and social rights, through assessment,informing and mobilization of the community (field visits);
  • Monitoring the community and social accountability of existing policies covering the access and utilization of health rights and rights of legal, social and health system in terms of immunization of Roma children and prevention programs;
  • Providing paralegal assistance in the field of access to achieving social and health rights, according to the laws that provide the same rights The project includes several activities:
  • Education of Sonce’s staff for the methodology of work of paralegal assistance and preparation of concrete plan for including of the methodology in the work of Sonce, conducted by ESE;
  • Training for paralegals and their further work for the health care system, health insurance and protection of patients rights;
  • Preparation and printing of informational and educational materials for promotion the services that paralegals offer ;
  • Visits of Roma families- Assessment, informing and community mobilization;
  • Educational workshops for the community about the health care system, health insurance and protection of patients rights ( workshops in Tetovo and Gostivar);
  • Formation of Leadership Council which will consist by community representatives and the team of Sonce;
  • Creating of questionnaires and conducting a research in the community regarding the coverage of Roma children by vaccination and preventive health services;
  • Maintaining a focus groups- 6 focus groups with parents of Roma children in Tetovo and Gostivar at the age 0- 15 years on the topic vaccination and coverage of Roma children with preventive health care services;
  • Organizing of public debates between the Roma community and the medical personnel.
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