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Roma Civil society for EU accession

Roma Civil society for EU accession


Budget: 365.180 EUR

Duration: 02.01.2023-31.12.2025

Partners: Roma Resource Center, Symplexis, Luludi

Donator: European Union

 “Roma Civil society for EU accession”


Overall objective: Contribute to the enhancement of active & meaningful participation of Roma/Pro-Roma civil society in decision-making and structured policy dialogue on Roma inclusion, for more effective implementation of the EU acquis related policy reforms (especially in relation to Chapters 19 & 23).

Specific objectives: 1.Improve the capacities of Roma/Pro-Roma CSO networks for structured cooperation/dialogue with public institutions and other stakeholders; 2. Improve the capacities of Roma/Pro-Roma CSO networks (and other small and grassroots CSOs) on monitoring and advocacy for the implementation of EU acquis reforms in the areas of Chapters 19 & 23, with focus on Roma women; 3. Enhance joint efforts of Roma/Pro-Roma CSO networks, and other stakeholders (other CSOs, grassroot organizations, donors, business community etc.) toward shared goals for supporting and advancing reforms and the accession process; 4. Public institutions supporting/enabling more active involvement and genuine consultation with Roma/Pro-Roma CSOs in SWGs, and/or other policy-making bodies; 5. Contribute to the realization of objectives from EU Strategies and Action Plans applicable for the country (focusing on Roma women), 6. Enhanced (Roma) civil society and societal support/positive attitudes for convergence with EU standards and reforms for EU accession.


Target groups: Roma/Pro-Roma informal CSO networks, other Roma/Pro-Roma small/grassroots CSOs, public institutions involved in SWGs and EU acquis policy reform (Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA), Equality Bodies, National Coordination Body for the implementation of the Roma Inclusion Strategy, National European Integration Council, Council for Cooperation with and Development of the Civil Society, Other ministries), Business sector and other private or public stakeholders


Final beneficiaries: SWGs, government/governmental bodies responsible for EU accession (reform), other (Pro-)Roma CSOs and wider civil society, wider society (incl. Roma)


Expected results:

– Strengthened skills/capacities of 2 Roma/Pro-Roma (informal) CSO networks, and other Roma/Pro-Roma small & grassroots CSOs, on research & analysis, monitoring sectorial policies, advocacy and lobbying, networking, dialogue, coalition-building, evidence-based involvement in policy- and decision-making processes etc. in relation to EU acquis reforms.

– Strengthened cooperation mechanisms between the members of and across the 2 Roma/Pro-Roma CSO networks, as well as other key stakeholders, on EU accession processes/reforms.

– Enhanced acknowledgement by public institutions of the importance of Roma/Pro-Roma CSOs in overall societal policy debate and EU integration processes.

– Co-development and implementation of annual action plan(s) for Roma integration SWG promoted & supported.

– Increased participation of Roma/Pro-Roma CSOs in other SWGs, and/or structured cooperation with other public bodies of relevance (e.g., Ombudsman, Equality Bodies, etc.), in cooperation with the National Council for Civil Society.

– Increased realization of the objectives of the EU Roma strategic framework for equality, inclusion and participation for 2020-2030, the EU Gender Action Plan III: Country-Level Implementation Plan (CLIP) for the Republic of N. Macedonia etc.

– Increased understanding of Roma/Pro-Roma civil society, Roma and other citizens about EU values & principles, key priorities & policies, the accession process, benefits & obligations of EU membership etc.



Main activities:

1 – Roma/Pro-Roma CSO networks (and other Roma/Pro-Roma CSOs) capacity building and cooperation strengthening

2 – Grants to Roma/Pro-Roma small/grassroots CSOs for realization of objectives of EU Roma strategic framework for equality, inclusion and participation, and EU Gender Action Plan III CLIP (incl. training and mentoring to grantees)

3 – Advocacy and participatory policy making promotion, incl. policy monitoring and watchdog activities on issues of sector reforms and EU negotiations in relation to Roma integration issues (focus on women), boosting cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, improving the role of Roma/Pro-Roma CSOs in the Roma integration SWG, and all other SWGs etc.

4 – Awareness raising of civil society, Roma population and wider society on EU values & principles and the EU accession process and reforms

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Project details
365.180 EUR
December 31, 2025
European Union
Roma Resource Center, Symplexis, Luludi
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