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Leave no one behind – Acceder concept in North Macedonia

Leave no one behind – Acceder concept in North Macedonia

The overall objective of the project is increasing employability level on labor market of Roma and other vulnerable groups through training, counselling, intermediation and extensive partnership between public administration and private companies, as basis to improve employment of Roma with the general population.

The following results are expected to be achieved with the action:

  • Established partnership with public institutions and companies leads to providing better services to the Roma accessing the labour market;
  • Fostered basic and social skills and competences of Roma and provision with professional qualifications leads to better access to paid jobs;
  • Raised awareness about prejudices and discriminatory practices that Roma are facing leads to improve of the social image of Roma

The following activities will be completed in order to achieve the set objectives:

  • Establishing the program and building capacities of Acceder team
  • Promotion of the Acceder programme
  • Establishing database for appropriate guidance, planning and evaluation
  • Outreach of potential participants
  • Individual employment pathway and counselling
  • Job market research and cooperation with companies
  • Building capacities, knowledge and skills of the participants
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